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        總體假山可分為軟石類和硬石類。各種假山石材料,其用途及用法各不相同,有斧劈石、雪化石、 千層石、五彩石、英德石、蘆管石、海母石、石筍石、靈璧石、卵石等三十余種,均為石譜所列之上品,蜚聲海內外。
        Overall rockery can be divided into soft rock and hard rock. All sorts of false rock material, its utility and usage each are not identical, have appeared, snow fossil, qianceng stone stone, multicolored stones, German stone, flower, female sea stone, stalagmites, lingbi stone, pebbles and so on more than 30 species, are the top grade listed stone spectrum, renowned at home and abroad.
        A, taihu rock
        Taihu forms, modelling, colour and lustre is mainly white. Mainly in the rivers water erosion by water flushing or by acid erosion in the clay. Modeling to accompany the rockery, the most "wrinkle, leakage, thin, transparent" beauty.
        Second, qianceng stone rockery
        Qianceng stone is the crystallization of Marine sedimentary rock. Natural stone texture luster, rich sense of rhythm, the stone form appearance modelling diversity, or or abstract pictograms. Qianceng stone main characteristic is the ash black, grey, grey, brown and white, in the rockery modelling is given priority to with code folding forming.
        Three, flower stone rockery
        Flower stone is withered reeds in the environment of calcium-rich crisscrossed reed of rock. Flower stone surface legacy modern tide worm fossil remains extremely easily, so the strong water imbibition, in the rockery, often grow green plants on its surface.
        Four, lingbi stone rockery
        Lingbi stone is a limestone, tonal, mainly black decorative pattern on the surface always. Made in lingbi county, anhui province, hence the name. The different shape, or town name yue, or exotics, or aristocratic god. So-called world a stone, is the best orogenic material.


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